Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 months in

Leo had his 2 month checkup on Wednesday (being the third means it takes a little while for me to post about it). He weighed in at a solid 13 pounds, which was good for 75th percentile, and an extraordinary 25 inches, which is apparently 98th percentile. Must be because he almost never spits up.

He also got a barrage of shots, which he did not like one bit. I think they made him grumpy for a few days. He just discovered that the world's a rough place; it's the most traumatic thing that's ever happened to him (aside from birth).

Leo's become a lot more animated and interactive. He coos and talks. He's still a bit of a bobble-head, but he's got pretty good neck control. He recognizes Mommy at least, as evinced by the big smile she got after he hadn't seen her for a while, but the rest of us are just Not-Mommies. Oh yeah, and he smiles now, but only if you earn it, if you're the star on the play gym, or if he's in the bath. Lately he's gotten really animated and excited in the bath.

He's been mostly decent to us sleep-wise. Leo wakes up a couple times in the night to nurse (see above re: 13 lbs), but almost always goes right back to sleep. Daytime naps are a lot spottier, but he's mostly good-natured even when he hasn't gotten enough sleep.

Kieran continues to be mildly interested in his little brother, while Uma continues to be fascinated by him. The two of them have adapted very easily to our new addition, although sometimes they get a little stir-crazy since they don't get to go to as many places.

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