Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Solid Beginning

Leo has been eating solid food for about a month now. This time around I was inspired by The Baby Led Weaning Cookbook to forgo purees and spooning feeding and just let him feed himself. Initially my goal was to keep him occupied while the rest of us ate. I thought playing with food would be a good introduction to solids, but I did not expect him to ingest much. It didn't take him long, however, to figure out how to feed himself efficiently and effectively. He eats mainly fruits and vegetables cut into chunks that are large enough for him to pick up, but not too large for him to fit in his mouth. Probably his favorite food is roasted butternut squash. He also eats bananas, pears, steamed apples, roasted sweet potatoes, and very soft steamed green beans. He likes avocado, but has trouble picking it up, so I mash it and spread it on chunks of rice cake for him. So far I have not given him much in the way of cereal except for Toasted O's, but this week I am going to try chilling thick oatmeal and brown rice farina and cutting them into fingers for him. The biggest challenge right now is giving him sips of water during his meals. I have tried giving him water from a small open cup, a sippy cup, and a straw cup, but he just does not seem to get it. He has great fun playing with the cups, though.

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